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Birchos Hashachar Series: Scrapbook
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Folder # Y_01370

Birchos Hashachar Series: Scrapbook

By :  
Grades : Elementary
Primary Language : English
Date Added : 6/21/13
Last Modified Date : 6/23/13
Downloaded : 1347 time(s)
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y_01370_scrapbook_pieces.pdfy_01370_scrapbook_pieces.pdf (2.91 MB Pages 31 )
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y_01370_birchos_hashachar_scrapbook.pdfy_01370_birchos~apbook.pdf (1.18 MB Pages 12 )
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Item Description
Item Description
View/Add Feedback (2)
View/Add Feedback (2)

A beautiful interactive scrapbook designed in conjunction with the Birchos Hashachar Series by the same contributor (Folder Numbers Y_01370 01-09). This scrapbook includes pages for the following Tefillos: Modeh Ani, Al Netilas Yadayim, Asher Yatzar, Elokai Neshama, Birchos Hatorah, Birkas Kohanim, Eilu Devarim, Ma Tovu and Adon Olam. For each Tefilla, the Hebrew text is provided alongside its English translation. The scrapbook also includes three target questions and an illustrative activity for each Tefilla. Download the lesson plan (birchos~apbook.pdf) for instructions and pictures of a completed scrapbook. Download the scrapbook pieces by selecting either the non-editable PDF or the editable Publisher file. Read the instructions provided to determine whether it is necessary for you to download the scrapbook cover as well.

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User: Kurc Aron View all comments by this user   


User: Rubin Hadassa View all comments by this user   

Beautiful and meaningful project. Please could you check and adjust the translation sheets that have the bottom line of each tefilla missing. Thank you

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