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The Korban Olah: A Pictorial Guide
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Folder # M_00749

The Korban Olah: A Pictorial Guide

By :  
School : Torah Institute , Owings Mills , Maryland
Grades : Elementary, Middle School, High School
Primary Language : English
Secondary Language : Hebrew
Date Added : 3/24/09
Last Modified Date : 3/24/09
Downloaded : 304 time(s)
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Item Description
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View/Add Feedback (1)

A clear pictorial guide to the steps and procedures of the Korban Olah. The pictures illustrate the pesukim that deal with this Korban. This is a helpful visual description of the pertinent halachos and steps. There is also an extensive appendix with sources for all the material presented in the book.

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User: karman yosef View all comments by this user   

These are amazing! Chaval that I didn't see them until my 7th year teaching Vayikra. So accurate

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