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Mishna Rishona on Sukka (Perakim 1-3)
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Folder # M_00825

Mishna Rishona on Sukka (Perakim 1-3)

By :  
School : Toras Emes Academy , Miami , Florida
Grades : Elementary, Middle School, High School
Primary Language : English
Secondary Language : Hebrew
Date Added : 8/20/10
Last Modified Date : 8/20/10
Downloaded : 1259 time(s)
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Item Description
Item Description
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A meticulously prepared and professionally presented translation of the mishnayos of maseches Sukkah (perakim aleph – gimmel). The format is designed to help students learn to translate the words of the mishna while aiding them in understanding the mishna’s terse language. The mishnayos are translated into easily comprehensible English, according to classic meforshei hamishna. Explanation of key points and background information needed to understand the mishna are also provided. A wonderful resource for mechanchim and for students learning mishnayos on their own.

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